Schau aufs Land " One team for one vision!
One team for one vision

One team for one vision!

One team for one vision!

Christian Gruber-Steffner

24 November 2019

We want to bring more sustainability into camping travel & create awareness for organic farming!

Coincidence or fate? We don't know. But it fits! A long chain of events we found each other! We have all been searching for a long time for a project in which we can invest our heart and soul and our vision of making the world a little better.

We are all passionate campervan travellers, like to tinker with our buses and love to live as ecologically and sustainably as possible, both on the road and at home. So far, each of us has been working on projects and ideas for ourselves. With good success, but without any really big leaps.

Together instead of alone!

Then came a weekend in November and we found each other! One vision matched the other and within a few days we realised how much such a team energy and shared enthusiasm for a topic suddenly brings momentum to a project!

Now it's getting started! After Leon has been pursuing the idea of Schau aufs Land since December 2018, the three of us have now found an inspired team that is willing to invest great passion and a lot of heart and soul in this project over the next few months! Farms in other countries have been benefiting from similar concepts for years. Now it is time for travellers and farms in Austria to support each other!

What's next? Our ideas are bubbling up and need to be collected. A plan is needed! And that's exactly what we're working on now!

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