Who is behind Schau aufs Land?

Who is behind Schau aufs Land?

Who is behind Schau aufs Land?

Christian Gruber-Steffner

22 January 2020

Who is actually behind Schau aufs Land?

We are Leon, Karin and Christian and together we form the team behind Schau aufs Land. What we all have in common is our passion for travelling with our campers, the joy of meeting new people and our awareness for a more sustainable way of living.

We want to bring more sustainability into the world!

At home as well as when travelling, we always try to buy organically and, if possible, regionally and seasonally. To do this, we like to go to different farmers' markets in our city. But on the road it is often not so easy to find such markets. Therefore, we are happy to offer Schau aufs Land in Austria as a way to bring farms and travellers together.

We will tell you shortly how we found each other as a team and what makes us so strong together! Now we would be interested to know how you prefer to get your groceries when travelling and where your challenges lie?

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