Schau aufs Land " Thanks to our regional businesses!
Thanks to our regional businesses!

Thanks to our regional businesses!

Thanks to our regional businesses!

Christian Gruber-Steffner

22 March 2020

Regionality has never been as important as it is now!

In times of the Corona crisis, we are all moving closer together - even if not in direct contact. We see a multitude of beautiful solidarity assistance that did not exist to this extent before. It is really nice to experience such cohesion.

What is also becoming very clear at this time is the enormous value of regionality. Especially when it comes to food, it is now more important than ever to rethink and stick together. Because one thing is clear:

Food security cannot be imported!

This makes it all the more important now to strengthen and support regionality so that we can continue to be sure that we as a society can feed ourselves in an emergency. "Whoever consciously reaches for local food secures the existence of our farming families and guarantees themselves the best crisis precaution," says Josef Moosbruger, President of the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture. So take advantage of the time and go to the farmers' market in your town instead of the supermarket. The markets usually take place in the open air - so shopping is also safer for everyone involved.

A big thank you!

At this point we would also like to say a big thank you to the more than 160,000 farms in Austria. They provide us with food every day, not only in times of crisis, but all year round. And right now we are more dependent on them than ever. So let's say thank you for that!

Anyone who would like to support agriculture directly in this crisis can register on the page of the Food helper sign up and do important work!

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