Schau aufs Land " Find organic and ecological products in your area

Find organic and ecological products in your area

Find organic and ecological products in your area

Leonard Röser

6 July 2020

In this blog post we would like to introduce you to the introduce - For a fair & ecological life is Austria's leading organic industry directory and enables its visitors to search efficiently and quickly for important information and addresses for an ecological and responsible lifestyle.

Free entry for organic entrepreneurs provides an overview of the Austrian organic landscape and helps to find organic farms and products as well as events in the surrounding area. This is achieved with a categorised organic industry directory - from organic farm shops to organic fashion shops - coupled with a radius search. In order to be listed in the directory or at the events, the organic entrepreneurs can make an entry free of charge, which will then be checked and published.

In addition to many organic addresses, also provides basic information, introductions to new farms and products, and critical, independent reporting in the form of current news and videos.

Since 2007 on behalf of Ecology & Fairness has been online for 13 years and has developed step by step with much love and conviction for the topic. Operator Silvia Fischer (photo): "We are convinced that a small, steady growth with few dependencies leads to high consistency & credibility.
leads. In this way, we have been able to develop into a serious marketing and information portal independent of subsidies, sponsors or large corporations, which enjoys the trust of many consumers and organic farms. A big THANK YOU to the many organic entrepreneurs to whom we show our greatest respect! Please register for free in the organic directory so that our visitors can also find you!

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