Schau aufs Land " 8 tips for more sustainable travel
8 tips for sustainable travel

8 tips for more sustainable travel

8 tips for more sustainable travel

Leonard Röser

24 July 2020

After Leonard has dealt intensively with the negative impacts of tourism and the topic of sustainable tourism in the course of his Master's thesis, he is called upon from time to time as a speaker on these topics.

At the end of each lecture, the focus is always on how you can travel more sustainably as a traveller. We have summarised these possibilities for you below:

Tip 1: Travel respectfully

Always remember: if I am a traveller, who are my hosts?

Find out about your destination:

  • What norms and conventions apply here?
  • Are there dress codes in public?
  • What manners apply here?
  • How and where do I tip?
  • Very important: learn a few words in the local language!

Further helpful information at

Tip 2: Shop and pack consciously

Borrowing/renting instead of buying:
Try to buy sustainably:

  • Only pack what you really need! Because less weight means less for you to carry and fewer emissions during transport.
  • Use natural cosmetics (especially with Sun cream). Your skin and nature will thank you!
  • Use the app Codecheck
  • Look out for organic certificates or labels such as EcoCert

Tip 3: Choose the right means of transport

When travelling, the journey to and from the destination has the greatest impact on the environment. Therefore, the means of transport you choose is all the more important. On the page fromAtoB you can immediately see the CO2 emissions of the chosen means of transport. Try to avoid air travel as much as possible and choose destinations closer to home.

  • Travelling mainly by bus and train or with several people in a car/camper van
  • Set your own rules: no flights under 1000km, or only travel by plane every 2 or 3 years.
  • If you fly, compensate for your flight (e.g. via Atmosfair or Climate collection) and stay longer at the destination
  • Stay longer at your destination
  • Avoid travelling with Cruise ships

Tip 4: Book sustainable accommodation

Watch out for certificates! Here you will find the most important certificates for sustainable tourism.

Ask yourself:

  • What can you do to involve and benefit the local population?
  • Which certificates are available?

You can book sustainable accommodation here:

Tip 5: Support the local economy

Make sure that the money you spend on your holiday goes to the locals in the region you are visiting.

  • Book local accommodation (most of the time you will meet really nice people)
  • Eat in local restaurants (they usually taste better and are cheaper).
  • Shop at local markets
  • Book tours with local tour guides
  • Avoid all-inclusive resorts

Tip 6: Avoid rubbish

Especially in developing countries, there is often no waste management like there is here - waste is often simply disposed of in nature or burnt. This contributes to health risks and air pollution.

  • Use your own water bottle.
  • Use your own shopping bag when you go shopping (you can set an example for others).
  • Leave packaging waste at home
  • Dispose of hazardous waste (e.g. batteries or broken electrical appliances) properly or else take it home with you.

Tip 7: Use water and electricity sparingly

  • Especially in the dry season, there is a severe water shortage in some countries. Here it is even more important to save water so that the locals do not lose this important resource!
  • And we all know that towels in hotels don't need to be washed every day (I guess no one does at home either).

Tip 8: Get active!

See how you can contribute yourself at your holiday destination:

If you want to delve further into this topic, you can find Here you can download Leonard's Master's thesis on "Sustainable tourism among young adults".

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