Schau aufs Land " Private camper sharing - part of the sharing economy

Private camper sharing - part of the sharing economy

Private camper sharing - part of the sharing economy

Leonard Röser

22 June 2021

Sharing Economy

Sharing economy, collaborative consumption, share economy, economy of sharing, there are many terms, but so far no universally valid definition. However, the focus is usually on the benefit of something that one otherwise cannot afford or does not want to afford. It is not about owning a certain good or service, but about using it.

Yes, and the beauty of it is that by sharing and exchanging, resources can be saved in the long term. Products that have already been produced and resources that have already been used are shared by many and do not have to be produced for each individual.

Private camper sharing

Many people fulfil a long-awaited dream with their own motor home or camper. Whenever you want, you have the opportunity to travel or go on excursions with your motorhome. But if you look at the statistics, you can clearly see that most vehicles are used very rarely throughout the year.

On the other hand, there are more and more people who wish to travel with a camper van but cannot afford their own vehicle. And this is exactly where there is great potential for the concept of the sharing economy. Owners of motorhomes can make their vehicle available to society and earn something from renting it out, or at least recoup the running costs (insurance, repairs, maintenance and service).

The Paul Camper sharing platform

Our cooperation partner Paul Camper offers a holistic infrastructure for this. Owners of motorhomes or campers can easily rent out their vehicle to interested parties on the platform (it is also fully insured via the platform) and camping enthusiasts or those who want to become one can find all kinds of camping vehicles (from tiny campers to fully equipped motorhomes) for rent on the platform.

I have often heard that for many people it is out of the question to rent out their beloved motorhome or camper to strangers. There are usually good reasons for this. However, the beauty of the sharing economy is that you can decide individually how, when, where and, above all, to whom you rent out your things. I, too, have decided to take our beloved Kurti with me to Paul Camper. Simply because I think it's a shame that most of the time it just stands in front of our door and isn't used for what it's actually there for - travelling, adventure and freedom on four wheels. If I can make others happy with it, then all the better.

If you too are looking for a camper or have a camper yourself and can imagine sharing it with others, then take a look at Paul Camper over.

© Contributing image: Paul Camper GmbH

3 thoughts on “Privates Camper-Sharing – ein Teil der Sharing Economy”

  1. Ludmilla Gschwendt

    Hello! You can come by ,use my caravan, is on my property,very quiet,everything else verbal.

  2. Innovative idea - renting out your motorhome or your own camper to strangers. However, we use our camper so often (also very spontaneously) that it is almost not worth it for us.

    1. Christian Gruber-Steffner from Schau aufs Land
      Christian Gruber-Steffner

      I can understand that very well. It always has to be right for you. If you like to travel spontaneously and often, renting is probably not worth it. But often the motorhome is used for a long annual holiday and maybe 2-3 short trips in spring/autumn and stands untouched in the carport apart from that. In such cases, one could think about it throughout 🙂 .

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