Schau aufs Land " A summer with a view of the countryside at the Greiml organic farm

A summer with a view of the countryside at the Greiml organic farm

A summer with a view of the countryside at the Greiml organic farm

Organic farm Greiml

4 December 2021

A field report from the Organic farm Greiml

Organic farm Greiml

In March 2020, three adventurous young people from Graz fulfilled a dream and launched their travel platform "Schau aufs Land". And how could it be otherwise - the Greimlhof also became part of it.

Arrival is by appointment or reservation in the evening around 5 pm. The Greimlhof site is literally in the middle of the farm. This allows our visitors to experience first-hand how Reinhard visits the bees, how he extracts honey and how the trainees clean the last "mountain" of chanterelles.

Experiences at the organic farm

You hear the ducks quacking, see the cows coming out of the pasture and the flock of hens taking their last sunbath. See Gabriel at the milking parlour and then disappear into the forest as a hunter. The clatter of pots can be heard from the farm kitchen - here the day's harvest is quickly processed. And in passing, Gabriela explains interesting facts about people, animals, the farm and the farming methods behind it all. Soon the sun sets and bathes the valley in a warm red. Peace gradually returns to the farm...

... As soon as dawn breaks, the first quail males call loudly for their females. Of course, the cocks don't need to be told twice and join the wild birds in crowing and squawking. The milking machine runs, the doors of the stables open - a new day begins. Our guests have a leisurely breakfast in the morning sun and finally leave around 1100 hrs.

What does the Greiml organic farm have from Schau aufs Land?

Farm shop from Biohof Greiml

What do we get out of all this? In return, our visitors are invited to buy goodies for dinner and breakfast in our farm shop or to give a small donation for the tour.

And us?

In this way, we feel the holiday season - Gabriela's camping heart beats faster every time - and we also have a bit of access to the big wide world, as we are always told where our guests have already been and what they have experienced. The kind of exchange we love so much.

2 thoughts on “Ein Sommer mit Schau aufs Land am Biohof Greiml”

  1. Schön......... this organic farm Greiml > but why can't you see anywhere in this article WHERE this organic farm is. Sure, you can find everything on google. But it would be helpful to see at first glance where this farm is, whether it is (geographically) suitable for me etc. e.g. > Biohof Greiml in 5437 Hintertupfingen/ district Zell am See/ Salzburg.

    1. Christian Gruber-Steffner from Schau aufs Land
      Christian Gruber-Steffner

      Hello, all information about our partner companies is easy to find for our members via the search function of our app and web platform. Please understand, however, that we cannot publish any more concrete data in advance or here on the blog. We do not want to bring mass tourism to the farms and always limit the number of available memberships in a reasonable proportion to the participating farms. In addition, our app offers a live availability system, which also only works in a purely closed system and is also intended to protect our partner farms from being overloaded. This is also the reason why no address to the farm appears in the article. I hope I was able to help you with this answer.

      Kind regards

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