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Price adjustment & innovations for the 2022 season

Price adjustment & innovations for the 2022 season

Leonard Röser

10 March 2022

Since our launch in spring 2020, a lot has happened with us and there are also plans for the future. Many ideas & great implementations on our list. To Schau aufs Land also continues with much Heart and soul & quality In order to be able to operate and continuously improve and expand, we need a small price adjustment this year. From April 2022 the price for the Annual subscription therefore € 39,90.

Why the price adjustment?

We are Sustainability not only with the Selection of our partner companies at heart, but also at the entrepreneurial orientation of Look out Land. In office and server operations we rely on Green electricity, work with regional service companies together and buy everything necessary as well as possible refurbished or from fair & sustainable production. This entrepreneurial Philosophy unfortunately contrasts with more economically advantageous decisions in many areas, but it is our central principle, how we Schau aufs Land want to run as a company. It is a great concern of ours to show that business can also be sustainable & fair goes - and from the inside out in all entrepreneurial areas and not just as a nice word in an advertisement.

At the same time, it is also important to us to offer our members & partner companies a Quality personal support to offer and at the same time our further expand the network. For this reason, last year we Kristina (Office & Support) and Josefine (acquisition) to our team. Here, too, it is important for us to offer a fair salary. We also regularly receive Feedback, are constantly investing in the further development of our app and are working on new sustainable ideas and projects.

To this Service and the other Operation & Expansion of Schau aufs Land to make this possible in the long term as well, we are adjusting the price for the Annual membership from April to € 39.90.

Together with you, we look forward to a nice travel season 2022 with wonderful experiences in the countryside.


What can you expect in the 2022 season?

A larger network

First and foremost, we are of course delighted about the Large increase in partner companies in our network. Whereas last year at the start of the 2021 season there were around 250 partner businesses, we now already count more than 400 organic farms, - wineries & other sustainable businesses. And also this year we strive to Continuously new companies and will be activated for you directly in the app.

Live availability calendar in the app

A great learning from the 2020 & 2021 seasons was that no one has anything to gain from having a Operation contacted and all places already occupied are. Therefore, since the end of August 2021, we have a Live availability calendar integrated into the app.

This gives businesses the opportunity to simply indicate that all the places for a particular day already occupied or e.g. due to Holiday are not available. This is shown in the app immediately displayed, so that you, as travellers, can see straight away whether the desired company still one place free is or is not. This saves for all unnecessary effort and simplified the establishment of contact.

Yard Support

All new from April 2022 are our so-called Yard projects. Since last year, we have been looking for an option to offer our partner farms, in addition to the sale of products in the farm shop, a further option. easy way to offer a Consideration for their provided pitches.

On the other hand, we also want to provide our members with a simple & sensible way offer, for the idyllic little place. recognisable even if there is either no farm shop or simply nothing from the farm shop is needed at the moment.

Therefore, our partner farms can now create a farm project in our app. These are individual projects, that are currently being carried out or planned on the farm (e.g. repair of the pasture fence or installation of a photovoltaic system). If there is such a project at the farm, it is displayed in the app on the Detail page be evident from the respective farm. During their visit to the farm, our members have the opportunity to supportive contribution (financially, through know-how, etc.).

This feature is intended to beautiful, simple & additional option to thank you for the idyllic place and the hospitality. recognisable to show.

Find disposal options in the app

Our partner companies are farms and not fully equipped pitches or camping sites. Therefore, the disposal of grey water or the camping toilet is not possible at our partner companies. However, sooner or later, disposal is always necessary on a trip and it needs to be possible. From April 2022 you will therefore also find Disposal options in our app.

This will primarily involve simple Pitches with V/E act. The main reason for this is that, unfortunately, there are hardly any pure V/E stations in Austria, but that they are usually located at a camping or caravan site. integrated are. These are therefore partly free of charge, But partly also with costs .

You will find more detailed information on the respective detail page in the app. As this service is still under construction, there will only be a few at the beginning. But we are making every effort, Current new stations so that in the future you will be able to each region a possibility to V/E finds.

Get your membership now:

Get access to our digital guide with numerous idyllic spots at organic & other sustainable farms, vineyards & manufacturers in Austria.

Find at 425 Organic farms & other sustainable farms free pitches & show your gratitude for the hospitality with a purchase at the farm. For legal reasons your stay is limited to 24 hours. Please also keep to the rules in our code of conduct.

The membership is tied to the person – this means you can change your vehicle or even just arrive by bicycle. One membership per transport mode is sufficient.

2 thoughts on “Preisanpassung & Neuerungen für die Saison 2022”

  1. Gertraud Heigl

    My sister is a member of Schau aufs Land !
    My question would be, ... is it possible to pay the membership fee as a gift for her in advance for the year 2023?
    Kind regards

    1. Christian Gruber-Steffner from Schau aufs Land
      Christian Gruber-Steffner

      Hello Gertraud! Yes, it is possible - you can order a gift voucher for your sister via our webshop. We have just sent you an email with details.

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