Schau aufs Land " Winter camping in Austria
Winter camping in Austria with a view of the countryside

Winter camping in Austria

Winter camping in Austria

Leonard Röser

9 February 2023

Winter camping: The best tips for camping in the snow!

Winter camping in Austria is fully in vogue. The number of winter campers has increased by 20 % in the last 5 years. The reason for this: motorhomes, equipment and infrastructures are getting better and better, and sporting activities in the snow are also very popular.


  1. Why winter camping in Austria?
  2. The first time winter camping
  3. 7 tips for camping in winter
  4. Winter pitches in Carinthia
  5. Winter pitches in Lower Austria
  6. Winter pitches in Salzburg
  7. Winter pitches in Upper Austria
  8. Winter pitches in Styria
  9. Winter pitches in Vorarlberg
  10. Conclusion

What makes camping in winter so special?

If you've only ever travelled with your motorhome in the warm months and spent more time in front of it than in it, you might be asking yourself why you should take your motorhome out into the snow in freezing temperatures? Simple: because it can be beautiful and even magical in places. We recommend you try it out for yourself and tell us about it on social media with the hashtag #schauaufsland!

The first time winter camping

To make it easier for you to get started, you will find valuable tips for winter camping in Austria and recommendations for pitches in the snow in this blog post. We have selected a few farms from Schau aufs Land that are particularly suitable for winter camping. These sites are located in suitable ski resorts and winter regions, so that you can enjoy your favourite winter sport directly from your motorhome or simply enjoy the winter landscape in peace and quiet.

Winter camping in Austria with a motorhome: What does it take?

Not every motorhome is suitable for winter camping, but with the right equipment and good insulation, you can also endure temperatures below zero. We have put together the most important tips for winter camping.

7 tips for winter camping in Austria

Good insulation in the motorhome.

We'll be honest with you, without good insulation in your motorhome, you won't enjoy winter camping. You can wrap up thickly and there are also sleeping bags that are suitable for sub-zero temperatures, but all that is of no use if you can't actually move around in the motorhome because you are too thickly wrapped up. In addition to good insulation in the motorhome, you should also have thermal mats for the windows - because that's where the heat is lost the quickest.

A parking heater

In addition to good insulation, a parking heater is also a must. With it, you can stay cosy in your motorhome even in icy temperatures without having to wrap up thickly. In our app you will find our partner workshops such as Sleeping car or easygoinc, if you want to have a good parking heater retrofitted.

Ensure good ventilation

When heating in winter, it is important to ensure good ventilation so as not to bring too much moisture into the vehicle. That's why we recommend airing the vehicle from time to time - also to prevent mould from forming due to condensation. The warm air in the room can absorb more moisture, and you can get it out of the motorhome particularly well when you air the vehicle intermittently (ideally with a cross draught). In addition, you also save on heating costs because fresh air warms up better.

Sufficient gas or diesel

The best parking heater is no use if you don't have fuel to run it. So always make sure that your gas bottle is sufficiently filled or that you have enough diesel in the tank. But also be environmentally conscious when heating. If you have a good sleeping bag or a thick blanket, you don't need to leave the heater on all night. This saves energy and thus also CO₂.

Avoid freezing water

When camping in sub-zero temperatures, it is important to make sure that the water in the pipes or tanks does not freeze. Heating rods or heating mats for the tank can help. If you only use the water for flushing, you can also add antifreeze to the tank. Another good option is to let the waste water run directly into an additional container and empty it regularly. In our app you will also find the appropriate Supply and disposal stations in Austria & Slovenia.

Winter tyres and snow chains

If you are travelling in Austria in winter, winter tyres are a must. In addition, you should ideally also carry suitable snow chains. These can be more than useful in emergency situations. We also recommend that you regularly practice putting on the chains so that you can put them on without any problems in (usually cold & dark) hours.

Warm clothing and winter accessories

Winter camping with the motorhomeIf you are travelling with your motorhome in winter, you should always bring warm clothing suitable for winter. Our winter equipment always includes fur for our camping chair and a hot water bottle. At some of our partner farms you can also find cosy fur pads directly in the farm shops. With these, you can stay in front of the motorhome for a while and enjoy the winter landscape around you to the fullest.

With these basic tips you are now well prepared for your first winter camping experience in Austria.

Pitches for winter camping in Austria:

Are you looking for a campsite close to nature for winter camping? We have listed a few farms from Schau aufs Land for your winter camping experience. You can find the farm with the respective ID directly in our app.

Winter pitches in Carinthia

Biohof #389 - Winter camping near the Petzen cable cars

Very close to the cross-country skiing arena Pirkdorf and the Petzen mountain railways you will find our partner #389. The region invites you to go cross-country skiing or skiing. The area is also ideal for ski tours. On the farm you will find excellent products for refreshment - such as farmhouse bread made from sourdough, various sausages, goat's milk products or spreads.

Our member Adriana sums up the stay perfectly with the following words:
"Klaus is so sweet!" was my little son's review. Mega delicious products in the farm shop, including freshly baked bread...mmmhhh...and an absolutely lovely family who gave us a warm welcome. Thanks again for everything!

Biohof #491 - Winter camping in the Gailtal valley

Winter camping in GailtailIn the middle of the Gailtal and thus in the centre of a region where there are numerous possibilities for winter activities, you will find our partner farm #491. This place also invites you to numerous popular winter sports such as skiing, ski tours and cross-country skiing. After the physical activity in the snow, it is especially good to warm up with the offered noble brandies at the farm.

Christian sums up the stay at the farm perfectly:
A quiet and recommendable place to stay, where you are warmly welcomed by the owners. Many thanks - and very much looking forward to coming back!

Winter pitch in Lower Austria

Organic farm #634 - Winter camping in St. Corona am Wechsel

Our partner #634 is located very close to St. Corona am Wechsel and thus also to the popular children's skiing area of the Wexl Arena. As a fan of two boards under your feet, you also have the opportunity to practice your favourite winter sport near your pitch. You can also fill up your fresh water and supply your motorhome with electricity at the farm.

Markus was there in February 2022 - his conclusion:
Uncomplicated and pleasant place with babbling brook.

Winter pitch in Salzburg

Biologically managed farm #721 - Winter camping at the Abergbahn

Winter camping in Zell am See

The winter campsite of our partner #721 is located in Salzburg, almost within walking distance of the Abergbahn. In addition to the wide range of skiing, cross-country skiers can also enjoy themselves. Fans of wild herbs in particular will find what they are looking for here, as the herb shop sells products that are lovingly handmade.

Ulrike enjoyed her stay here very much, much to our delight:
Simply a place to feel good. Nice, warm hosts in a dreamlike setting with a great view. We had a lovely short holiday at the campsite. We would recommend it again anytime! 

Winter pitches in Upper Austria

Biokräuterhof #574 - Winter camping in the beautiful Hausruckviertel region

The Ampflwang panoramic trail stretches for about 16 km, runs close to the forest and offers a beautiful view, after which you will find a winter pitch at the partner farm #574 for a really relaxing night. You will also find a wonderful selection of lovingly produced food in the farm's own shop, such as juices, honey, pasta, spirits and of course four kinds of herbal products.

Especially for those interested in sustainable agriculture, we can highly recommend the stay!

Winter pitches in Styria

Hof #755 - Winter camping in Ausseerland

Winter camping in AusseerlandVery close to our personal favourite winter domicile of the Tauplitzalm and thus in the middle of a region with more than 200 km of cross-country skiing trails in all degrees of difficulty is our partner business #755. Due to its location near Bad Mitterndorf and Bad Aussee, it goes without saying that this region makes the hearts of all winter sports enthusiasts beat faster. In addition, there are two thermal spas in the immediate vicinity, which invite you to relax and enjoy. The farm is also very special and is lovingly run. In addition to tasty herbal products, the daughter of the house has also created an alternative fashion line with her tailoring.

In any case, Tereza was very enthusiastic about her stay at the farm - and we are happy with her:
Me and my cousin were totally ENRAGED! Homemade jams, spices, warm welcome, everything beautiful and super friendly. thank you!!!

Organic Farm #110 - Winter Camping in the Gesäuse National Park

Winter camping in the Gesäuse National ParkAt the edge of the Gesäuse National Park and thus also in a beautiful hiking area, you will find our partner #110. The Gesäuse attracts mountain sports enthusiasts from all over Austria in summer as well as in winter and offers a wide range of impressive tours, especially for enthusiastic ski tourers. For refreshment before and after a ski tour in the wild Gesäuse, a very tasty breakfast and dinner are offered on the farm.

Verena sums up her stay at the farm really nicely with the following words:
It was our first Schau aufs Land stay and our expectations were exceeded! Really warm and caring hosts! The place under the apple tree was perfect and we were allowed to use the toilet and electricity and fill up with drinking water. The next day we had a guided tour of the barn - highly recommended!

Winter pitch in Vorarlberg

Organic farm with the best mountain cheese #537 - Winter camping in the Bregenzerwald

The Bregenzerwald is generally worth a visit in both summer and winter. But especially in winter, our partner farm #537 is a very good choice. Not only do you get incredibly good organic mountain cheese there, but also the opportunity to reach two ski areas at the same time. This business is located in the valley between Bödele and Niederer, both of which are home to ski areas.

Conclusion on winter camping in Austria

Austria has so much to offer and discover in summer as well as in winter.

Winter camping in the Bregenzerwald

We hope that we have been able to bring you a little closer to winter camping in Austria with this article and that we have also been able to offer you a nice selection and inspiration of possible campsites. We wish you and your loved ones lots of fun camping in winter. Please share your experiences with us and simply link to us at Facebook or Instagram.

We are always especially happy to receive your travel impressions - especially on long office days like these, where such articles are also created for you.

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