Edelweiss on the Road

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Edelweiss on the Road

Thomas & Regina are on the road with their VW bus Edelweiss and live the van life. Here they introduce themselves:

We are Thomas and Regina, a filmmaker from Vienna and an Excel specialist from Lower Austria. As outdoor enthusiasts, we have conquered many a summit and made bike trails unsafe together. The third member of our crew goes by the name of Edelweiss. We named our blue and white VW T3 Edelweiss because we love to drive it in the mountains. One day we want to travel with it all the way to India - but until that happens, we are on a great discovery tour across Austria. For us, van life means travelling slowly and consciously, getting to know the country and its people on narrow side roads. We are happy that Schau auf's Land is now a platform for this kind of sustainable travel - and look forward to many beautiful places and exciting encounters.

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Edelweiss on the Road
Edelweiss at the Seebacherhof
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