Cancel your subscription (Google PlayStore)

Cancellation of your subscription

Completed via the Google PlayStore

If you don't know which payment provider (Stripe, Google PlayStore or Apple App-Store) you used for your subscription, you can find this information in our app and web app in the main menu (icon with the three dots) under the menu item "Membership & Country Packages".

Cancel subscription:

  1. Open the Google PlayStore app on the smartphone
  2. Click on the letter (usually the letter of your first name) in the coloured circle in the top right-hand corner - the menu will then open.
  3. Click on "Payments and subscriptions
  4. Click on "Subscriptions
  5. Here you will now find a list of all the subscriptions you have and can take out via Google.
  6. Click on "Look at the countryside
  7. Now you can manage the payments and cancel the subscription.
    After cancellation, the subscription and your access to the app will expire automatically after 365 days.

Here you can also find detailed instructions from Google.

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