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We have collected the answers to most questions for you here. We hope that your question is also included. If not, please feel free to contact us. contact on.

Yes, under the following link you can get an overview of the distribution of our partner companies via our demo version:


Membership is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase and is purely personal. A change of vehicle is therefore possible without any problems. It is sufficient if one person per motorhome or pitch has a valid membership.

The membership card is digitally integrated into the app and must be presented independently upon arrival at the farm.

Participation for our partner farms is free of charge and they offer a simple pitch for travellers. In return for the pitch, they are happy to make a purchase or other contribution to appreciation (e.g. by supporting their farm project).

Please note:
The annual membership fee of € 39.90 does not mean that the places are already paid for. With the membership fee we try to finance the development of the app, the further expansion of our network and our personal support. As a team of 7, we invest a lot of heart and soul in Schau aufs Land.

Therefore, please value the places at our partner companies and show your appreciation for them. Only in this way can we all ensure that this type of travel and a concept based on appreciation and voluntarism can continue to exist for a long time to come.

Membership costs €39.90 and is valid for 365 days. As an annual subscription, the membership is renewed for another year at the end of each year. However, you can cancel your membership at any time. After your cancellation, your membership is valid until the end of the respective term (at least 365 days). 

A membership activated with an activation code/gift voucher automatically expires one year after activation.

No, you can cancel your membership at any time. After cancellation, you still have full access to the platform for your entire paid period of 365 days.

Renew membership

If you have taken out a one-off membership or activated the membership via a voucher, you will find you can find information about the extension here.

Cancel subscription

You can manage your subscription directly through your payment provider:

Subscription concluded via our website:

Management via Stripe

Subscription concluded via the App Store:

Management via Google PlayStore

Management via Apple App Store

If you don't know which platform you subscribed to, you can find this information in our app under the menu item "Membership & Country Packages".

Morally, yes: the concept thrives on the fact that people are interested in the products of the farms and thank them for the pitch by buying regionally.

So show your appreciation for the hospitality with a purchase or a small donation.

In return, you get a free parking space, sustainable and lovingly produced food and insights into where it actually comes from - a win-win situation.

We have created a Code of conduct written. There we have summarised all the important rules. We ask you to observe and respect them.

In Tyrol, unfortunately, the strict camping law stands in our way and fundamentally prohibits any camping outside of campsites - thus also the concept behind Schau aufs Land.

The only possibility is for the business to get an exemption from its municipality, which unfortunately is not that easy.

Yes, almost all of our partner businesses also offer places for caravans! For more detailed information on whether and what kind of "motorhome" can be accommodated at the establishments, please visit the information page of our participating establishments.

In order to have the opportunity to visit all participating farms, we recommend a self-sufficient motorhome - this includes at least a toilet and fresh water with waste water tank on board.

However, many of our participating establishments also offer the possibility to use a toilet or shower on site. With the help of our filters (e.g. "usable without WC on board", "tent", etc.) you can search for establishments that also welcome non-self-sufficient travellers.

Yes, far more than half of the hosts also offer you a place for your tent. However, as access to a toilet must be possible in any case, the possibility of an overnight stay with a tent depends on the infrastructure and the consent of the respective establishment.

You can find more detailed information directly on the information page of our participating companies. 

A reservation or booking is not possible with us. Visits to our partner establishments take place after prior contact and agreement with them. As a rule, 1-2 days before arrival. More precise wishes are determined by the respective business itself.

Unfortunately no, due to legal conditions you cannot stay longer than 24 hours at the same company. But you are welcome to visit the company as often as you like within the framework of your membership!

However, this also ensures that the seats are not all permanently occupied and that you can be sure to find a free seat for yourself on your trip.

Basically, our concept does not include a range of services. The farms offer a simple space on their property.

But many of our participating businesses also voluntarily offer services such as toilet, shower, access to fresh water, electricity or WLAN. In most cases, a small fee of a few euros is charged for these services. Whether and which services are offered can be seen directly on the information page of the respective farm.

Please bear in mind, however, that you are on a farm and not on a campsite, and therefore such services are really only a purely voluntary additional offer.

Dogs are also welcome at many of our participating establishments. Nevertheless, we ask you to always announce this in advance and to ask whether there are certain rules to be observed. You can also find out whether dogs are welcome at the establishments directly on the information page of our participating establishments.

Absolutely! What is more important for an unrestricted visit to all establishments is whether you are self-sufficient with your own toilet and fresh water including a closed waste water tank.

However, some of our participating establishments also offer the possibility to use a toilet or shower on site. At these establishments it is also possible to visit without a toilet. With the help of symbols on the information page of our establishments, you will immediately recognise which additional services are available there.

Please note and respect that our farmers are often very busy, especially during the peak season. Therefore, depending on the size of the farm and the workload, personal contact can vary from a short friendly greeting to a personal farm tour. 

In most of the federal provinces, no tax is due because it is not paid. Only in Salzburg and Vorarlberg is it payable. In Salzburg (1.50 to 2.00€) directly at the businesses and in Vorarlberg (1.60 to 2.70€) at the respective municipality. 

This is not possible at our participating businesses. We kindly ask you not to use the toilets of the participating establishments for this purpose. Soon you will find a list of service stations in Austria on our platform. We ask you to use these for disposal.  

Sustainability is a priority for us. Therefore, everyone who integrates the topic of sustainability into their business is welcome. We have developed our own catalogue of criteria for this, which participating businesses must agree to when they register. However, a specific certification is not necessary.

Obligatory criteria of our partner companies:

However, we must note that we currently do not have the capacity to control the scope of sustainability of our farms. Therefore, we would like to invite you to take a critical look at this and also to openly seek dialogue - according to the motto "transparency is the new organic". We would be happy if you share your experiences with us via our feedback form. 

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