About us

About us

We as the team of Schau aufs Land are united by the passion for nature-oriented camping travel - but also by the desire to make our future more suitable for our grandchildren and to create more appreciation for sustainable agriculture.

For this reason we – Leonard, Karin & Christian as founding team – started our heart project Schau aufs Land in 2019. Since then we – together with our whole team now - to expand the platform and create more awareness and appreciation for sustainable travel & organic farming.

Our vision

E-Luise Electric Camper Team

We want to bring more sustainability into camping travel and at the same time create more awareness of how valuable and important organic farming is for all of us.

This vision connects us and makes us so strong as a team. At a joint startup workshop in November 2019, Leonard, Karin & Christian got to know each other as a founding team and it was immediately clear to them: "We are a good fit" - we complement each other and have a common vision.

Since then we have been working with our team with motivation and all our heart on expanding Schau aufs Land.

Leonard Röser from Schau aufs Land

Leonard Röser


Initiator & Head of Sustainability

Our scientist, that would like to bring more sustainability to our world.

Leonard is the person responsible for the creation of Schau aufs Land. Sustainability is his guiding philosophy of life & influences not only his private, but also all economic decisions as an entrepreneur.

As a scientist in the team, Leonard's biggest vision is to bring more sustainability into the world. Through his studies in sustainability-oriented management, Leonard moved from Germany to his new adopted country Austria in 2014 & since then he has always had interesting facts on the topic of sustainability, organic farming & climate at the ready.

His speciality and at the same time his great passion is sustainable tourism, focussing on mobile home travel. With his warmheartedness and lifeblood for a better world Leonard easily finds new contacts and is the perfect front man for Schau aufs Land.

Karin Gruber-Steffner from Look at the Countryside

Karin Gruber-Steffner


Partner Management & Graphic Gardener

Our communicative nature-lover that adores herb gardens.

Karin is our communication-enthusiastic nature lover & besides work, she likes to live out her passion for sustainability in her garden or by collecting all kinds of wild herbs on the mountain.

As a graphic designer, Karin takes care of that, Schau aufs Land a face to the outside world. She loves developing & implementing all ideas together with a positive impact.

Above all, Karin values appreciative communication within the team and with the outside world. When it comes to decisions, the whole team now likes to listen to Karin's gut feeling.

Christian Gruber-Steffner from Schau aufs Land

Christian Gruber-Steffner


Pixel enthusiast & all-round talent

Our idea engine who's creativity is only limited by the length of a day.

Christian is our idea machine, whose creativity & drive to work is only slowed down by the length of the day.

As a small all-rounder, Christian is responsible for accounting & his secret passion for customer support (just in case you ever get an answer to an email on Sunday morning), especially for our pixels - whether for beautiful presentation on photo & video, on the web or on social media.

He is a great team player and shines with his versatility and tireless commitment when he goes about his work with enthusiasm. He never runs out of creative ideas for the further development of Schau aufs Land and always has only the best in mind for everyone.

Jakob Altendorfer

Jakob Altendorfer

App developers

Code Engineer & Programming Hero

Our hero who watches over our app.

Jakob joined our team in summer 2022 and together we are now developing our app for you internally.

As an enthusiastic app developer who is also interested in sustainability, we now have valuable support on board to implement our app ideas together as a team. Jakob surprises us again and again with new cool features & approaches for the optimisation of the app.

Franziska Brunner

Franziska Brunner

Začuti podeželje

Acquisition Talent & Management Queen

Our right hand for Slovenia.

Franziska helped us set up our Slovenian package. Začuti podeželje and with her Slovenian language skills is available as a contact person for the partner companies in our southern neighbouring country.

In the meantime, she also actively supports us in operations and also lives her field of expertise of communication with full enthusiasm.

She will also be happy to explain our concept and answer your questions in person at one or two of the trade fairs.

Andreas Hocheder

Andreas Hocheder


Acquisition Hero & Socializer

Our farmer whisperer that always has an ear to lend.

Andreas loves to invest energy in projects he can stand behind and Schau aufs Land has tickled his passion. He also loves travelling in nature and in a camper van, sustainability naturally plays a big role in this.

Andreas uses his communicative talent in acquiring new agricultural partner businesses and next to that he shows his good eye in photography. Andreas is open in interactions with all people and quickly becomes popular everywhere.


We love our work,
because it gives us purpose.

The many stories of wonderful encounters at farms, creating more awareness for Regional and sustainably produced food and the joy of travellers about this opportunity to travel are the best rewards for our work.
As a young start-up, we are investing incredible amounts of commitment and especially time in Schau aufs Land – with the vision of doing our part in creating more sustainability in this world – paired with lovely stays in the countryside.

Our philosophy

We too want to take on responsibility!

To many, travelling means freedom, adventure and flexibility. To us, it means freedom, adventure, flexibility and responsibility.

Because travelling always has an impact on nature and us humans. We want to take responsibility for this impact and create added value – for us and the region we travel to.

Our actions are guided by the following five pillars:


Create awareness for the negative impacts our actions can have on nature and keep these to a minimum.


Travellers are guests and responsible for respecting the rules and customs of the place of destination.


Added value for all people involved – Give and Take should be balanced.


Be open for encounters with people and nature.


Get to know the country and people with their real character and no need to put on a facade yourself either.

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