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Calendar function

The calendar function in the app

Why does the calendar exist?

The calendar function offers many advantages for travellers as well as for our partner businesses. With the calendar, our partner businesses can now easily mark their spaces as occupied or unavailable (e.g. if they are on holiday themselves or if there is a construction site).

With this feature we want to avoid that farms are contacted although the places are occupied or currently not available. This is because our partner farms are agricultural businesses where there is generally a lot of work. By hiding the contact details when they are fully occupied, we would like to we avoid that the farmers do not continue to receive additional enquiries and thus become overburdened. This should also ensure that the farms are happy to receive travellers and that they are also long-term partner farms at Schau aufs Land stay.

For travellers, the calendar offers the advantage that you can see at first glance whether or not there is still a place available at the respective establishment.

Why are requests only possible for today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?

The beauty of travelling with a camper is the freedom of being on the road on four wheels and having the opportunity to decide anew every day whether I want to stay in a certain place or continue travelling.

That is exactly what we want to do with Schau aufs Land make it possible. However, this is only possible if you can also find a place to stay spontaneously. Therefore, at Schau aufs Land no long-term reservations possible in advance.

Moreover, our partner farms are agricultural enterprises and not campsites with a booking system. Participation should therefore be as uncomplicated as possible for the farmers.

The calendar function in the app
The calendar function in our app as a live availability system.

How does the calendar work?

We work with a traffic light system in our calendar. The respective status for the next three days (today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow) is displayed in green, orange or red. Simply click on the desired arrival day to display the contact details.

The meaning of the colours

Green: As a rule, there should be a free parking space available. Please note, however, that visits to farms may not be possible at short notice for a variety of reasons.

Orange: One of the contact buttons has already been used several times for the selected day. However, the selected partner company has not yet actively indicated that all places are occupied. In any case, take the chance and contact the company anyway.

Red: The partner company has marked the space as occupied or unavailable for the selected day (holiday, construction site etc...). This means that the contact details are hidden and no more enquiries are possible for this day. Please respect this and do not try to contact the site in any other way and do not drive to the site without contacting them.

Show contact details
Click on the desired day to view the contact details.
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