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For technical reasons the membership can only be renewed after the active period expires. As soon as your membership expires, you are automatically redirected to the purchase page in the web version of our platform (instead of to the map).

You will receive another info-mail with information on the renewal one day before your membership expires.

Alternatively, you can also directly renew your membership through a payment in the app. Please note that Google or Apple are your end seller there. You can manage your subscription directly in the app store.

Since we run a multi-cross platform with Schau aufs Land, you can buy your membership from us through multiple interfaces. Through our website, you buy directly from us, while for purchases through the app, Google or Apple are your end sellers. We are currently working on making all your membership info available through our app as well. This will be possible from June 2022.

Until then you can find all info here on your membership. Since the latest update you can also find this link in the app under the menu item "manage membership".

Depending on the platform you made your purchase at, cancelling your membership works as follows:

Activated with access code/voucher:
All memberships that were activated with an access code automatically expire after 365 days with no further action needed. After expiration, you can manually renew your membership anytime.

One-time payments – purchased over our website:
Your membership automatically expires after 365 days with no further action needed.

Yearly subscription – purchased over our website:
Go to your user account (menu / user account) and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you find information on your current membership and can cancel your subscription after clicking on the button "manage payment".

Yearly subscription – purchased over the app (Google/Apple):
If you purchased your membership directly in the app (Google PlayStore or Apple App-Store), Google or Apple are your end sellers and we have no access to managing your payments. You can easily cancel your subscription in the app store:

Cancel subscription in Google PlayStore

Cancel subscription in Apple App-Store

No user found with this email:

Have you already registered? After registration, you will receive a confirmation mail from us. If you haven't received this, you may have a typo in your email address. In that case, please write us a message.

The email-password combination is incorrect:

This means your account is registered with us, but your password is not correct. Please use the function "forgot password". You will receive a new link per email where you can set a new password.

The membership card is integrated digitally in the app (or the mobile web version when opening the website on your smartphone). You find it when you click on the third button in the footer menu of the app (between the list view and menu):

The app from Schau aufs Land

In the web version on your computer you find the membership card by opening the main menu at the top right (3 vertical dots) and clicking on the menu item "membership card".

Discount code vs. access code

Please don't confuse discount codes with access codes:

  • A discount code reduces the price of a membership by a certain percentage (e.g. discount for renewal or ÖCC members).
  • An access count in contrast activates your membership without additional payment (e.g. gift voucher).

How can I redeem a discount code?

With the following link you find an instruction on how to use it:
Instruction on how to redeem discount codes

How can I redeem a gift voucher or access code?

Please read our detailed instruction on how to use an access code:
Instruction on how to redeem an access code

My access code is invalid:

An access code is only redeemable once. Make sure you haven't used the code with another account already.

Please copy the code directly from your email to avoid character errors (0 instead of O). Also check if there are no blank spaces before or after the code.

If you still get an error, please write us a message including the code you were using.

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