Schau aufs Land " Camping on a farm - a very special experience
Camping on the farm

Camping on a farm - a very special experience

Camping on a farm - a very special experience

Christian Gruber-Steffner

6 June 2023

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Farm pitches in Austria & Slovenia

If you are looking for a special camping experience, you should definitely try camping on a farm. The combination of nature, seclusion and insights into farming makes camping on a farm an unforgettable experience.

Camping on a farm - very close to nature & regional

One of the special highlights of camping at the farm is the idyllic nature that stretches around the farm. Here, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet amidst green meadows and pastures. At the same time, you also benefit from the regionality of the surroundings and can enjoy fresh products directly from the farm shop.

Fresh produce directly at the farm pitch

Camping on a farm also means getting an insight into agriculture. Guests can see where their food comes from and how it is produced. This not only gives a new view of agriculture, but also enables a direct connection to the products. Through the farm shop, one also has the opportunity to buy fresh and regional products directly from the producer.

Camping on a farm with animal campsite neighbours

In addition to the culinary experiences, you can also get up close to animals when camping on a farm. Many farms have animals such as cows, pigs, chickens and sheep. Watching the animals on the pastures and in the stables is a special experience and not only makes children's eyes sparkle.

Relaxation & Seclusion at Farm Camping

Those who are looking for relaxation and seclusion when camping will get their money's worth when camping on a farm. The secluded locations away from the big tourist crowds offer pure peace and relaxation. So you can fully engage with nature and the surroundings and leave the stress of everyday life behind.

Conclusion on the subject of camping on a farm

Camping on a farm offers unique experiences and impressions. The combination of nature, regionality, animals and agriculture creates a special atmosphere that ensures relaxation and recreation. Anyone who has camped on a farm will certainly not forget this experience in a hurry.

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