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Co-Founder of Schau aufs Land and our idea machine, whose creativity is only slowed down by the length of the day. Christian is our idea machine, whose creativity & drive to work is only slowed down by the length of the day. As a small all-rounder, Christian is responsible for accounting & his secret passion for customer support (just in case you ever get an answer to an email on Sunday morning) and especially for our pixels - whether for beautiful presentation on photo & video, on the web or on social media. He is a great team player and shines through his versatility and tireless dedication when he gets down to work with his enthusiasm. He never runs out of creative ideas for the further development of Schau aufs Land and always has only the best in mind for everyone.

Christian Gruber-Steffner from Schau aufs Land
Annual Review 2022

Annual Review 2022

Hard to believe: Another eventful year is coming to an end. This is the third year for Schau aufs Land and we are happy that there have been many wonderful experiences and encounters on the farm again. A lot has also happened for us this year, so we would like to take you on a little journey through our year 2022.

The importance of insects for agriculture

In many places we are surrounded by them, whether we like it or not. Sometimes they seem annoying, but without their existence, ours would be threatened. We are talking about: Insects.

Impressive facts and figures
Insects are one of the most diverse groups of animals on earth and have a wide variety of shapes and colours. Between 925,000 and 1,000,000 species are currently known and scientifically documented - the number of unreported cases is probably much higher. According to estimates, there could be between 2 and 50 million species. A wide range, which underlines the need for further research. In Austria, the population is estimated at 40,000 insect species, 345 of which are endemic, i.e. only found in Austria.

Why and where do we donate €1 per membership?

We decided right from the start of the platform that for every membership sold (excluding voucher payments) we would donate €1 to a project or initiative that works towards a more sustainable future. For the first year, we have chosen the climate protection projects of the Boku Vienna.

Tourism is responsible for 8 % of global greenhouse gas emissions (and rising) and thus contributes directly to climate change. This also includes travelling by motorhome.

Look in the newspaper

Look in the newspaper

We are in the press! After Leon's interview with the APA, we were surprised by a radio report on Tuesday morning and immediately afterwards by a few newspaper articles. As a result, we received so much positive feedback that we immediately had one of our longest, but most motivated working days! We are still happy about all the kind words and the great feedback.

Thanks to our regional businesses!

Thanks to our regional businesses!

Regionality has never been as important as it is now!
In times of the Corona crisis, we are all moving closer together - even if not in direct contact. We see a multitude of beautiful solidarity assistance that did not exist on this scale before.

What is also becoming very clear at this time is the enormous value of regionality. Because one thing is clear: you cannot import food security!

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