Schau aufs Land " Our donation to climate protection
Donation to climate protection projects

Our donation to climate protection

Our donation to climate protection

Christian Gruber-Steffner

23 December 2021

Our CO₂ compensation

Safe drinking water and clean air for Soroti / Uganda

We want to take the 24th of December as an opportunity to join you out there in our kilometres travelled with our motorhomes to compensate. Although the top priority is still avoid & reduce, but many of us still accumulate a few kilometres over the year.

From Today until the end of the year Therefore, all purchases made in our web shop go Voucher proceeds 1:1 directly to the climate protection project Safe drinking water and clean air for Soroti / Uganda the BOKU Vienna. With the purchase of a Voucher (PDF or card) you will compensate for about 5,000 kilometres driven. On the checkout page, you have the option of adding a voluntary donation amount: Continue to the webshop

Optionally, you can of course also directly your emissions and calculate the corresponding kilometres via the BOKU Vienna compensate: Continue to the compensation calculator

For those who first want to learn more about CO₂ compensation, we already have a blog post written about it: Continue to the blog post about CO₂ compensation

Where does the money go?

This year we support the Climate protection project "Safe drinking water and clean air for Soroti / Uganda" of BOKU Vienna. According to the WHO, about 70 percent of Uganda's rural population has no access to clean drinking water. Water is disinfected by cooking over open wood fires, but this also causes health problems. A large number of people already suffer from serious lung diseases caused by air pollutants from inefficient wood burning. Furthermore, Uganda has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world. However, an intact environment, clean air and safe drinking water are prerequisites for a good life and indispensable for education, environmental and social sustainability and poverty alleviation.

The aim of the project: An emission reduction of 20,000 tonnes of CO₂ in five years by using solar water disinfection (SODIS method with WADI) in 2,000 households and improving the hygienic situation. You can find more information on the climate protection project directly on the BOKU Vienna website.

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