Schau aufs Land " Pitch secret tips: The best insider tips for undiscovered pitches in Austria
Special pitches in Austria

Pitch secret tips: The best insider tips for undiscovered pitches in Austria

Pitch secret tips: The best insider tips for undiscovered pitches in Austria

Christian Gruber-Steffner

2 June 2023

@ Contributing photo: Philipp Schnell

Very special pitches in Austria

There are several campsites in Austria, but Schau aufs Land has some very special ones. In general, pitches in Austria offer a spontaneous and flexible way to find a pitch for the night. In addition to numerous official pitches, there are also a large number of exclusive pitches for Schau aufs Land members at farms and wineries.

These special campsites in Austria are not only close to nature and very idyllic, but also secret campsite tips where you can experience and learn a lot.

In this article, we present a small selection of partner businesses with their pitches in Austria for (almost) every province.

Insiders' tip in Upper Austria

A campsite tip to unwind

Standing at the edge of the field with a view into the distance, next to you a small pond with ducks and behind you the goats enjoying the sunset together with you. The farm is affectionately called a source of life, and that is exactly what it is supposed to be. If you just want to relax or learn more about organic farming in grain cultivation, our partner farm (#769) in Steinerkirchen an der Traun is the right place for you. At this campsite in Upper Austria, you can really let your mind wander.

Insider tip on the Danube

A very special place on the Danube is the Schlögener Schlinge between Linz and Passau. Our partner farm (#707) is located there with its organic farm. Besides the great natural spectacle on the Danube, you will find the rare farm animal breed "Tiroler Grauvieh", cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits and cats on the farm. Enjoy the view of the Danube or get an interesting insight into sustainable animal husbandry - there are many possibilities at this special site in Upper Austria.

Insiders' tip in Salzburg

Idyllic camping like in a picture book

An insider tip like something out of a farm picture book, with a view of green, lush pastures with grazing cows and the mountains in the background. You'll find a pitch like this at our partner farm (#105) south of Salzburg. But what makes this place special is not only the pitch, but also the organic farm with its own cheese dairy. There you can not only buy great dairy products, but also try your hand at it yourself. In a workshop you have the opportunity to make cheese or cosmetics or to learn more about the cheese production process during a guided tour.

Fantastic campsite insider tip for active people

Surrounded by forest, pastures and mountains, you will find a quiet pitch at our partner farm (#334) in Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer. In addition to the possibility of going on hikes, bike tours or just walks directly from the pitch, at this farm you have the unique opportunity to learn in detail what the difference is between schnapps and noble brandy and what is special about the Maria Theresia distilling right. Because this is precisely what is exercised there to produce special noble brandies. It's good that you don't have far to go to bed after a tasting.

Insiders' tip in Vorarlberg

Insider tip for cheese gourmets on the alpine pasture

If you are travelling in Vorarlberg with a view to the countryside, you should have plenty of room in your fridge, because that's where you'll find the best mountain cheese. And you can not only buy it at our partner farm (#387), but also look over the dairyman's shoulder every day as the delicious cheese is made in its original form. Besides, you can park your motorhome directly at the alpine pasture surrounded by green meadows and the mountains.

Insider tip for cheese gourmets in the valley

However, if you are travelling in the valley, you should take at least one piece of cheese with you at our partner farm (#537) in Andelsbuch, it is worth it.

An insider's tip with a lot of cordiality

And if Alexandra has her way, you'll find a very special pitch at our partner farm (#732) in Sibratsgfäll:
"We were here at Easter and were warmly welcomed. Sibgratsgfäll is a very beautiful place to relax! Beautiful hikes are possible from the house. We walked up to the Renkknie. The place is great! Right next to the village shop and the 24/7 farm shop, you are well catered for. The farm itself is very interesting, there are information boards everywhere and it is worth reading them all. We learned a lot, could also ask all the staff questions and got a lot of explanations. Really a very impressive and relaxing "look at the countryside" experience. Thank you very much for the hospitality!"

Insider tip for pitches in Styria

Insider tip for camping with children

Our partner farm #740 in southern Styria is the perfect pitch for families with children. Holiday camp, school on the farm, children's birthday parties and insights into farm life. The organic farm with cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits and chickens offer a variety of experiences and insights for young and old. And according to the reviews, the pastries and bread baked on the farm are also a treat for the palate at the breakfast table or during snacks.

Culinary pitch insider tip for vegetarians & vegans

Also in southern Styria is the organic winery #342 with special offers for enjoyment. Not only do you find great and exquisite organic wines from the farm and partners from the region, from Wednesday to Sunday you can also be pampered with a good breakfast or lunch by appointment. Vegetarians and vegans also get their money's worth. If you want something romantic and special, you can book a picnic at the foot of the vineyard or, in summer, enjoy bread made from sticks by the fire. For the gourmets or experimenters among you: The organic winery also has a snail farm and offers these for tasting or purchase.

Insider tip in Carinthia

Insider tip for relaxing and unwinding on a pitch

"A place to relax and unwind. Very quiet and idyllic." This review already says a lot. At our partner farm #491 in the Gailtal valley in Carinthia you can really relax. You can learn a lot about organic farming and life and work on an organic farm in the conversations or during a guided tour of the farm for a voluntary donation. Of course, there are also the best and freshest organic vegetables directly from the farm and, depending on the season, fruit, juices, jams and fruit brandies. In addition, this organic farm is also a member of Wwoof, an organisation that makes it possible to stay at an organic farm for a longer period of time to help out.

Culinary pitch insider tip with Slow Food

Our partner #433 in Carinthia above Klagenfurt offers not only a beautifully situated pitch under fruit trees, but also a cosy guest garden with excellent cuisine. A special Buschenschenke that has made slow food and sustainable food production its way of life. In addition to products from the region, they serve their own products from geese, ducks, chickens and free-range pigs of the Duroc and SchwäbischHällisch breeds. There you can fill your belly with pleasure and then enjoy the peace and quiet and the view of the illuminated castle ruins sitting in front of the camper.

Insiders' tip in Lower Austria

Insider tip for honey lovers:inside

When it comes to special pitches at farms, a pitch at an apiary is of course a must. The special pitch at our partner farm #112 allows you to look at, touch, taste and enjoy organic honey. In addition to classic honey, you will find a wide range of different products made with honey, from mead to vinegar to honeysecco. Of course, it is also possible to book a guided tour where you are shown everything from the beehive to the honey jar (8.90 € p.p.). And since the village where the farm is located is in a cul-de-sac, there is no shortage of ways to switch off, relax and feel good.

Insider tip pitch at the organic winery

In Lower Austria, a parking space at the winery is of course also obligatory. At our partner winery
#556, an organic winery in the north of Lower Austria, you not only have the opportunity to taste good organic wines, but you can also experience a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride with a snack or picnic in the open air. In addition to wine, you will also find cattle, horses, pigs and chickens in varying numbers on the farm. It is also possible to order a snack or book a guided tour of the farm by prior arrangement.

Insider tip in Burgenland

Insider tip pitch on Lake Neusiedl

If you are looking for a special pitch in Burgenland near Lake Neusiedl, our partner farm #603 is the right place for you. This organic farm describes itself as a kind of Noah's Ark, as they are dedicated to the preservation of rare animals and plants. And as a guest, you can not only look at these, but of course also taste and buy them. If you want to find out more, you can join a guided tour of the farm every Sunday (12 € p.p.). But if you just want to enjoy the pitch and the ambience, we recommend the often praised organic breakfast, which can also be ordered as a vegetarian or vegan option (20 € p.p.).

Insider tip among like-minded people in southern Burgenland

As the owners of the partner farm #555 are motorhome fans themselves, they are happy to share their idyllic pitch at the organic farm in southern Burgenland. On the farm itself, there is a wide selection of home-grown organic fruit and vegetables, and in addition to electricity and water, the breakfast basket offered is often praised:
"Thank you very much for your hospitality. We had a very nice time with you. Thanks again to Gerhard for his help and to Ingrid for the delicious breakfast basket. We felt very comfortable with you."

Conclusion for undiscovered pitches in Austria:

In addition to numerous official campsites in Austria, Schau aufs Land offers very special and exclusive campsites for members of the Schau aufs Land platform at farms and wineries. Many of these pitches were first offered for Schau aufs Land and you can camp there far away from mass tourism. These pitches are therefore true insider tips for nature-loving and peace-seeking people.

In addition to idyllic pitches close to nature, the partner farms also offer insights into farm work and a wide range of fresh and regional products from the farm.

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