Schau aufs Land " What does the farmer's wife get from the camper & vice versa?

What does the farmer's wife get from the camper & vice versa?

What does the farmer's wife get from the camper & vice versa?

Bianca Blasl

11 March 2022

With the Red Lightning on the Farm

A report by Bianca Blasl aka

The Corona pandemic has a Camping boom triggered. Everything that was in the city wants to go to the country. That was also the time when I got involved with the Red lightning on the way. But what about all the other campers? Where are they all supposed to go with their motorhomes, vans and tents? Where are there legal parking spaces? The pandemic has also caused more and more people to want to know, where their food comes from. On the other hand, there are farmers who have a new customer group for their products. At the same time, they wanted to invest more in contact with the consumers, their customers. Awareness & appreciation for farmers and their products are important in agriculture. Topics of the hour.

This trend has also been observed by the three innovative Styrians of Schau aufs Land and has set itself the task of bringing precisely those together: The Sustainable farmers and the Camper. Schau aufs Land is the app-turned-win situation.

I already had to test it: downloaded the app, searched in the region of my choice, Sabine Ablinger and their Organic adventure farm Bruckbacher at the Attersee. I wrote to Sabine via WhatsApp and the whole thing was organised and I was on my way. Red lightning on the way.

In conversation with Sabine:

Sabine has been with us for a year. We have talked about her Experience and of course I also wanted to see the whole thing from the Experience the camper side. While she takes a strudel out of the oven, we start talking:

Why are you with us?

The idea totally suits us: "We farmers and campers, who are at sustainable agriculture are interested in. Karin from Schau aufs Land has given us a totally personal, dear letter written. I still have it today. We are Camping-affine myself. As a farmer's wife, you are attached to the farm. So we thought: If we can't get into the world, we'll have to get out of it, we take the world just to us."

And how does it do?

We have been here for a year and the campers have literally overrun us. In the best sense of the word (laughs). The demand is incredible - the exchange with the people is insanely nice. Many come back and have become friends.

Is it a new chance or just more work?

For me a absolute chance and Added value: I also have School on the farm and simply wants agriculture show it for what it is. Realistic, from all sides. Through Schau aufs Land I now also have the Adults at the farm. When we open talk about what we're doing, I'm sure something will come of it.

What the Economic in terms of: That pays off, I can only say! I would not have thought it, but the campers come and are pleased yes, that they are with us Buy food can. Often they come for that very reason. In the farm shop you can find Self-service. Everything is based on trust. And that works. Because of the limited time, new people come every day. Almost all of them come shop with us.

The Effort for me is quite low. I can imagine divide it up yourself: People start arriving in the evening at stable time. That's when I milk and I'm at home anyway. The contact goes via WhatsApp and then I organise it for myself. When the campers come, I show them around. If I have more time, we chat, if not, we don't.

What was your experience with the campers?

I also have Farm holidays. We have all the infrastructure and I like people, otherwise I wouldn't do it (laughs).

We would like to get rid of the campers only via Schau aufs Land make. I have the feeling that people are coming to us who are are in a similar mood to us. We have experienced: many come actively because of the species, how we do agriculture. Those who had no interest in agriculture after. You can't get out of here, so to speak (laughs again).

As soon as there are families with children, they are out and about and want to know everything. That's how we often get into conversation. Everyone looks and is interested, asks questions. Couples, families, older, younger, meat eaters, vegans. We talked to them, for example, about our grassland and our dairy cows. Why here Only meadow and not vegetables, can grow. About the fact that the animals use the grassland to make something edible. Incredible exciting conversations. I take people everywhere if they want to. And if I don't have time or don't feel like it, that is also fine.

Any negative experiences?

Only one single time: It was raining like crazy. We sank into the mud. So we asked an elderly couple to move the caravan to another spot. That was a little difficult. At first they were displeased. But in the end it was all right. They may have the sense of Schau aufs Land not yet understood. But that was the only time.

Sabine works honestly enthusiastic. I explicitly ask about negative experiences, stress, excessive demands? But she just laughs and goes on about encounters with campers, who come again and again, of exciting conversations and Encounters. From the Honesty of the people in the self-service shop. And from Schau aufs Land and the people who make it and how excited she is about it, which people come to her this way find their way to the farm.

My conclusion:

Even for technical bovines, like me, the App easy to use. When the technology (or I) gets stuck, the Immediately love help da.

And: It's all about the personal contact, the people, the food, the agriculture, to be a fine place. Fits me Schau aufs Land probably like a fist in the eye. That's probably why we found each other. All I can say is: I love it. The Idea, the get to know and this, how it then actually is.

Thank you very much for this beautiful experience report & the interview:
Bianca Blasl aka

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  1. Great post, especially since we had a wonderful stay with Sabine last year. I am a herbalist myself and it was a great pleasure to immerse myself in farm life. My kids were also thrilled with the great pitch at the farm. Keep up the good work, our holiday in 2022 will definitely be under the motto "camping on a farm" again. 🙂

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