Schau aufs Land " Camping by the lake - find farm excursion destinations
Bathing Lakes in Austria & Slovenia

Camping by the lake - find farm excursion destinations

Camping by the lake - find farm excursion destinations

Leonard Röser

20 July 2023

Picturesque bathing lakes near farms

In the meantime, you can really say that summer is here. And on these days, there's nothing better than being by the water. That's why we recommend stopping by one of the many picturesque lakes on your next camping trip in Austria or Slovenia. And so that you can also find pitches near lakes, we have compiled a list of natural bathing lakes for Austria and Slovenia, where you can also find a Schau aufs Land pitch nearby.

Bathing lakes for your camping holiday in Upper Austria

Lake Gleinker

Lake Gleinkersee, a picturesque mountain lake in the Pyhrn-Priel region of Upper Austria, is a real jewel of nature. Nestled in a breathtaking mountain landscape, the lake offers an idyllic setting for those seeking relaxation and nature lovers. With its crystal clear water, the Gleinkersee invites you to swim, relax and enjoy. Surrounded by green meadows and dense forests, it is a popular destination for hikers and offers a variety of hiking trails for all levels of difficulty. Anglers also get their money's worth. Unique is also the possibility to glide across the lake by boat and view the surrounding landscape from a new perspective.

From the farm #722 you can walk to the lake in 5 minutes.

Lake Ibmer / Lake Herating

The Ibmersee, also known as Heratingersee, is an idyllic lake in Upper Austria. With an area of about 250 hectares, it offers a beautiful natural landscape surrounded by dense forests and rolling hills. The lake is a popular destination for nature lovers, hikers and birdwatchers, as it is home to a rich flora and fauna. With its excellent water quality, the Ibmersee also invites you to swim, sail and fish. On its shores there are several lidos and sunbathing lawns that invite you to relax and sunbathe in summer. In addition, there are numerous hiking and cycling trails around the lake that allow visitors to explore the surroundings and enjoy the beauty of the region.

Look at the countryside pitch near the lake: #289


Lake Gosausee is a picturesque mountain lake in Upper Austria surrounded by the imposing peaks of the Dachstein massif. With its breathtaking backdrop of snow-capped mountains and green alpine meadows, Gosausee is a popular destination for nature and hiking lovers. The turquoise-blue lake offers a unique reflection of the surrounding mountain landscape and is therefore a popular photo motif. In summer, visitors can stroll along the lakeside promenade or take a boat trip on the lake. Lake Gosau is also the starting point for various hikes, including the famous "Panorama Hiking Trail", which offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. In winter, the Gosausee turns into a magical ice rink and attracts ice skaters and ice hockey players. There are also cosy inns near the lake where you can enjoy regional specialities.

The Schau-aufs-Land pitch #886 is only 2 km from the lake

Bathing lakes for your camping trip in Styria

Hirzmann Reservoir

The Hirzmann reservoir is an impressive body of water in Styria. It was created to supply electricity and water and covers an area of around 120 hectares. The reservoir is surrounded by beautiful forests and a picturesque backdrop that gives a hint of Canada. The clear, calm water offers ideal conditions for stand-up paddling (SUP), but canoes and rowing boats are also very popular there. The shore also invites you to take relaxing walks around the lake, with the opportunity to refresh yourself in the water again and again. There is also a rental shop for SUPs, canoes and other boats on site.

Show-on-land pitch nearby: #337

Lake Stubenberg

Lake Stubenberg is a popular destination in Styria. With an area of around 56 hectares, it is one of the largest bathing lakes in the region. The lake impresses with its turquoise blue water surrounded by rolling hills and green forests. Lake Stubenberg offers a variety of recreational opportunities such as swimming, sunbathing, boating, windsurfing and fishing. Water sports enthusiasts can rent equipment on site and try out the various activities. For nature lovers, there are also hiking and cycling trails around the lake that allow you to explore the surrounding landscape.

Look-at-land pitch nearby: #575

Lake Altaussee

Bathing Lakes in Austria & SloveniaAltaussee is a picturesque village and idyllic lake in Styria, Austria. Lake Altaussee is known for its crystal clear water and surrounding alpine landscape. The lake is surrounded by impressive mountains, green meadows and dense forests, which provide a breathtaking backdrop. Lake Altaussee is a paradise for nature lovers and offers opportunities for swimming, boating and fishing. Visitors can also explore hiking trails along the lake and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. Near the lake is the charming village of Altaussee, which has a rich cultural history and is known for its traditional crafts. The village offers cosy inns where visitors can sample local specialities. Altaussee is a wonderful place to experience nature while enjoying the welcoming atmosphere of the village.

Farm #863 is only a short drive from the lake.

Bathing lakes for your camping trip in Lower Austria

Ottenstein Reservoir

The Ottenstein reservoir in the picturesque Waldviertel covers an area of 4.5 square kilometres and its branching arms are reminiscent of the fascinating fjords of Norway. This body of water offers a wide range of recreational opportunities and is a perfect excursion destination for the whole family. Whether you want to walk along the lakeshore, take a boat tour, swim, surf, sail or even fish, the Ottenstein Reservoir has something for everyone. A special attraction is that some bays are only accessible by boat, which allows for an undisturbed swimming experience even on busy days. Electric boats, pedal boats and rowing boats can be conveniently rented from the boat hire shop next to the Ottenstein lake restaurant, so that you can enjoy the waters to the full.

Look-at-land pitch nearby: #332

Lake Lunz

Lake Lunz, an enchanting jewel in the Mostviertel region, enchants with its idyllic beauty. Covering an area of about 0.62 square kilometres, the lake offers a variety of activities such as swimming, boating and stand-up paddling. The clear water invites you to dive and swim, and the surrounding nature entices you with beautiful hiking trails. In addition to its natural charm, Lake Lunz also offers a diverse cultural and festival programme on the lake stage. Here visitors can experience unique concerts, theatre performances and other cultural events. The lake stage creates a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the artistic offerings to the fullest.

Look-at-land pitch nearby: #521

Lake Erlauf

Right on the border between Lower Austria and Styria lies the enchanting Lake Erlaufsee, nestled in the picturesque Mariazellerland. The mountain lake may not be particularly warm, with an average temperature of around 21 degrees, but after a hike in the surrounding mountains, a refreshing dip in the cool water is just the thing. However, Lake Erlaufsee does not only offer hikers a welcome cooling off. On its shores you will also find a boat rental, a diving school and a climbing garden, which provides variety and fun, even for those who don't want to hike. With its idyllic location and diverse recreational opportunities, Lake Erlaufsee is an attractive destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Whether you want to explore the clear water, float in a boat, dive or conquer the climbing wall, there is something for everyone to discover and experience here.

Look-at-land pitch nearby: #554

Bathing lakes for your camping trip in Carinthia

Lake Pressegg

Lake Pressegg, nestled in the impressive mountains of the Gailtal near Hermagor, is a true paradise for nature and water sports lovers. With its crystal-clear water, the lake invites you to swim, stand-up paddle and sail. In summer, the water reaches pleasant temperatures of up to 28 degrees Celsius, making it a popular "bathtub of the Gailtal". Numerous water sports offer variety and fun for all activity levels.

Place near the lake: #491

Lake Ossiach

Lake Ossiach, the third largest lake in Carinthia, delights with its variety of leisure activities. Surrounded by picturesque villages and the charming town of Ossiach, the lake is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Surfing in particular enjoys great popularity. But active holidaymakers can also unleash their energies away from the water, as there are a multitude of hiking routes and cycle paths around the lake, including a 27 km long cycle route along the shore. An absolute highlight is the annual Carinthian Summer Festival, which takes place at the lake and offers cultural experiences in a class of their own. Lake Ossiach is a magical place that delights visitors of all ages with its wide range of activities and cultural events.

Look-at-land pitch nearby: #660

Lake Feldsee and Lake Afritz

The Feldsee, formerly known as Brennsee, and the Afritzer See are often mentioned together due to an old legend. According to legend, the giant of Mirnock once threw a stone into the water in anger and divided the once large lake into two smaller bodies of water. The Feldsee stretches picturesquely between the hills of the Mirnock and the Wellaner Nock, and the village of Feld am See lies directly on the shore. Hikers can reach Feldsee on a beautiful hike and explore the breathtaking surroundings. Afritzer See is located in the Gegendtal valley, north of Villach. In the warm summer months it offers welcome cooling. The region around both lakes is ideal for cycling tours and hikes, as it is characterised by an enchanting landscape.

Look-at-land pitch nearby: #706

Bathing lakes for your camping trip in Vorarlberg

Lake Constance

Lake Constance stretches over 27 km of the Austrian territory in Vorarlberg and offers plenty of space for leisure activities such as splashing around, playing sports and relaxing. With water temperatures of up to 26 degrees in summer, the clear water invites you to stroll along the outdoor beach or in one of the numerous lidos. The excellent water quality is regularly checked by the International Water Protection Commission, so Lake Constance always offers safe and clean bathing fun for the whole family. A special excursion idea is a boat trip in the border triangle, where you can enjoy the breathtaking landscape and cultural diversity of the region.

Show-on-land pitch nearby: #200

Lake Seewaldsee

The Seewaldsee is a real natural jewel with its deep green colour and pleasant bathing temperatures in the hot summer months. To dive into the refreshing water, however, you first have to take a short hike. The best starting point is parking along the road to Faschina, from where you hike for about an hour through idyllic landscapes at 1,200 m above sea level to the remote lake. This hike is worth it, however, because the lake is picturesquely nestled between forest and meadow and offers an inn on the valley side to fortify yourself after the hike.

Look-at-land pitch nearby: #614

Bathing lakes for your camping trip in Burgenland

Lake Neusiedl

As one of the largest steppe lakes in Europe, Lake Neusiedl offers a special attraction for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts alike. The flat shore region makes the lake a paradise for families and bathers, while the rolling hills and vineyards around the lake delight hikers and cyclists. Sailing, surfing and kite surfing are among the popular activities on the lake, which is also an important retreat for rare bird species. With its charming villages, excellent restaurants and wine cellars, Lake Neusiedl offers an ideal mix of relaxation and discovery, making it an unforgettable destination.

View-on-land pitches near the lake: #102 #603 #744

Rauchwart bathing lake

The Rauchwart bathing lake in Burgenland is a wonderful destination for anyone looking for a relaxing time in the midst of nature. The lake impresses with its clear water and invites you to enjoy a refreshing swim during the warm months. The shallow shore zone is particularly suitable for families with children and ensures carefree bathing days. Surrounded by a picturesque landscape and green meadows, the Rauchwart bathing lake also offers ideal conditions for picnics and relaxing hours in the sun. In addition, there are numerous recreational opportunities such as beach volleyball, pedal boating and barbecue areas that add variety to a day at the lake. With its peaceful and natural ambience, Badesee Rauchwart is the perfect place to escape from everyday life and unwind.

Look-at-land pitch nearby: #333

Swimming lakes for your camping trip in Slovenia

Lake Bled

Lake Bled in Slovenia is a breathtaking destination. The impressive island of Bled with the majestic Church of St. Mary rises in the middle of the lake and can be reached by traditional rowing boats. The lake offers a variety of activities such as swimming, rowing and stand-up paddling that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Along the lakeside promenade, visitors will find cosy cafés and restaurants serving traditional food and the famous Bled Kremšnita cake. Surrounded by the Alps and green forests, Lake Bled also offers excellent hiking trails and viewpoints that provide unforgettable panoramic views. A visit to Lake Bled promises a unique combination of nature, culture and leisure activities that will make any excursion an unforgettable experience.

Look-at-land pitch nearby: #809

Gradiško Jezero

Gradiško Jezero in Slovenia is a charming lake. The clear, turquoise water invites visitors to swim and relax. The lake is surrounded by a picturesque landscape that allows for hikes and walks in untouched nature. The rich birdlife makes Gradiško Jezero a paradise for birdwatchers. Along the shore there are cosy picnic areas and barbecue facilities that make the stay even more pleasant.

Look-at-land pitch nearby: #165

Blaguško Jezero

Blaguško Jezero is a bathing lake in Slovenia that scores with its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. The deep blue water of the lake invites visitors to swim in it and refresh themselves. The surrounding landscape is characterised by lush forests and green hills that invite you to take relaxing walks and hikes. Blaguško Jezero is also a popular destination for anglers, who can try their luck here. Thanks to its secluded location, the lake offers a wonderful opportunity to escape the stress of everyday life and find peace in the midst of nature.

Look-at-land pitch nearby: #825

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