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Leonard Röser

Initiator & Co-Founder of Schau aufs Land. Our scientist who wants to bring more sustainability into the world. Leonard is the person responsible for the creation of Schau aufs Land. Sustainability is his guiding philosophy in life & influences not only his private, but also all economic decisions as an entrepreneur. As a scientist in the team, Leonard's biggest vision is to bring more sustainability to the world. Through his studies in sustainability-oriented management, Leonard moved from Germany to his new adopted country Austria in 2014 & since then he always has interesting facts about sustainability, organic farming & climate at the ready. His speciality and at the same time his passion is sustainable tourism with a focus on motorhome travel. With his warmth and passion for a better world, Leonard easily makes new contacts and is the perfect front man for Schau aufs Land.

Leonard Röser from Schau aufs Land
Appreciative camping

Price adjustment & innovations for the 2022 season

Since our launch in spring 2020, we have done a lot and have many ideas and great implementations on our list for the future. However, we also have to be consciously aware of being sustainably economical. Unfortunately, we need to make a small price adjustment this year. The price for the annual subscription will therefore be € 39.90 from April 2022.

Van Days 2021

The Van Days 2021 - a really special motorhome meeting

The Van Days 2021 - a really special motorhome meeting Leonard Röser 3 September 2021 A great motorhome event in Austria! We were there again at this year's Van Days at the Grottenhof in Leibnitz and we had an incredible amount of fun again. First of all, for all those who don't know the Van Days: The Van Days are a ...

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1 year of Schau aufs Land - what do our partner farms say?

1 year Schau aufs Land - what do our partner farms say? Leonard Röser 24 June 2021 It has actually been over a year since we first went online with our platform and the first members visited our partner farms! Looking back, it is unbelievable for us where we are today - one year later. An ...

1 year of Schau aufs Land - what do our partner farms say? Read article

Private camper sharing - part of the sharing economy

Private camper sharing - part of the sharing economy Leonard Röser 22 June 2021 Sharing economy Sharing economy, collaborative consumption, share economy, sharing economy, there are many terms, but so far no universal definition. However, the focus is usually on the benefit of something that one otherwise cannot afford or does not want to afford. It is ...

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Sustainable travel with the motorhome

Sustainable travel with a motorhome, is that even possible?

Schau aufs Land stands for sustainable camping travel. We very often get the question "sustainable travel with a motorhome, what is sustainable about that?". This is a good and important question, and I would like to address it in this blog post.

"Every known form of mobility inevitably causes environmental pollution. Only the extent of the burden can be changed".

CO2 compensation when travelling

CO² compensation when travelling

CO2 offsetting, also known as climate compensation, is a way of compensating for currently emitted greenhouse gas emissions. However, this does not mean that the greenhouse gas emissions already produced in our atmosphere will disappear, but that they will be saved in the future through climate protection measures or projects.

One thing first, we are producing far too many CO2 emissions per capita in Austria - and in Europe in general - and are thus steadily driving climate change. If we do not change anything, we will not reach the urgent reduction targets confirmed by science, which will lead to catastrophic changes on our planet.

Solidarity farming

Solidarity Farming (SoLaWi)

In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to another ingenious sustainable concept that we can only warmly recommend. And that is Solidarity Farming.

It is about solidarity and community and, of course, about agriculture. The concept originated in Japan in the 1960s. It has now been practised in Austria for almost 10 years. But what exactly is behind it?

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