Schau aufs Land " Why and where do we donate €1 per membership?

Why and where do we donate €1 per membership?

Why and where do we donate €1 per membership?

Christian Gruber-Steffner

5 August 2020

We decided right from the start of the platform that for every membership sold (excluding voucher payments) we would donate €1 to a project or initiative that works towards a more sustainable future. For the first year, we have chosen the climate protection projects of the Boku Vienna.

"Every known form of mobility inevitably causes environmental pollution. Only the extent of the burden can be changed".
Good quote, author unknown

Tourism is responsible for 8 % of global greenhouse gas emissions (and rising) and thus contributes directly to climate change. This also includes travelling by motorhome. But each of us can contribute to reducing CO2-emissions - e.g. by travelling in the region instead of going abroad for a fortnight or by choosing a driving style that reduces fuel consumption when travelling by motorhome. Consuming regional and ecologically produced products also reduces CO2-emissions.

At the end of most journeys, however, emissions are inevitably produced. These can be offset by financially supporting climate protection projects - in Austria, for example, at Boku Vienna.

The Boku Vienna has been researching, teaching and living sustainability since 1872.2-carbon offset system was introduced. Through this system, private individuals as well as companies have the opportunity to make donations to support climate protection projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America and thus reduce CO2-emissions. The beauty of such climate protection projects: They not only help to reduce CO2-emissions, but also support social projects in regions where many people live below the poverty line. For example, the project "Clean air and safe drinking water for Soroti".

By using servers that are powered by guaranteed green electricity, we try to work with Schau aufs Land CO right from the start2-emissions as much as possible. However, we still want to support the climate protection projects of Boku Vienna with a donation this year - not to reduce our CO2-emissions - but a small part of the kilometres driven by our members. We are curious to see how much will be collected by the end of the year.

1 € equals about 150 km by motorhome. That is only a small part. Therefore, you too can easily reduce your CO2-emissions of your trip at the Boku Vienna:

  1. CO2-emissions with our calculator:
  2. Calculated quantity compensate here

What is very important about compensation payments, however, is that the emitted CO2 is not simply gone through offsetting, but will be saved in the future through the implementation of various projects. When travelling, therefore, care should always be taken to reduce CO2-emissions. Because climate change takes place now which means that we also have to now do something about it.

We would love to hear your opinion or tips for more sustainable travel!

Photo forest: © Mr. Marco at Unsplash

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