Schau aufs Land " Alternatives to free standing/wild camping
Alternatives to freestanding/wild camping

Alternatives to free standing/wild camping

Alternatives to free standing/wild camping

Leonard Röser

29 July 2020

Travelling in one's own four walls, be it with a small camper, a large motorhome or a caravan, is booming like never before this year. There are some who are very happy about this - our participating businesses, for example - but there are also very many who are annoyed and also complain about it.

Because free-standing/wild camping is also becoming more popular, but also leads to more problems. Prohibitions are often ignored and rules are not followed. Nature and the local people often suffer as a result. This must be avoided at all costs. After all, we don't want to upset anyone and we certainly don't want to put an excessive burden on nature.

But what rules should you follow? And what alternatives are there to illegal wild camping? These are precisely the two questions that the team from Vanlust dedicated. The result: The 10 commandments for campers that we should all pay attention to and a super informative podcast episode in which numerous alternatives to free-standing/wild camping are presented. It's definitely worth a listen:

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