Schau aufs Land " The Van Days 2021 - a really special motorhome meeting
Van Days 2021

The Van Days 2021 - a really special motorhome meeting

The Van Days 2021 - a really special motorhome meeting

Leonard Röser

3 September 2021

A great motorhome event in Austria!

We were there again at this year's Van Days at the Grottenhof in Leibnitz and we had an incredible amount of fun again.

Briefly, for all those who have Van Days do not know:
The Van Days are an annual motorhome meeting in beautiful southern Styria. Felix and Ali's idea: to create a fun, successful and sustainable platform that motivates people to travel more - because "an investment in travel is an investment in yourself".

The Van Days therefore consist of a large camping area for all kinds of touring vehicles, a trade fair area with exhibitors on all aspects of camping, a stage with exciting and inspiring travel lectures and many workshops on a wide range of topics.

For this year, we had decided to create a cosy atmosphere at the stand, inviting interested people to sit down and chat with us. And thanks to the creative help of Maike, we succeeded very well - a lounge made of pallets, lots of plants and of course our alpaca Karl turned a trade fair stand into a cosy chillarea.



What we were particularly pleased about were the many visits from existing members who came to us with a lot of positive feedback. At this point, a big thank you for that! This always enriches and motivates us a lot. We showed our app to interested people and answered important questions.


Shirts & Hoodies

This year, for the first time, our T-shirts, hoodies and sacks made of organic cotton and fair production with cool motifs attracted great interest. From mid-September, the articles will also be available in our shop. Web shop available.



Leonard also gave another talk where he talked about our motto "Idyllic camping, sustainable shopping, appreciative travel" and told in detail what we mean by this and why these topics are so important. 

Our latest project: A T3 Electric Camper

The big highlight this year, however, was our pretty Luise (an old, but still beautiful VW T3 camper). Of course, we used Van Days to present our latest project, the "E-Luise".

The aim of the project is to give Luise, who is already getting on in years, a new life as an electric camper - so Luise is to become E-Luise. You can find all the information on - You can also subscribe to our newsletter there to stay up to date.


A meeting with like-minded people

After a long day at the fair with lots of conversations and great new contacts, we were always very happy about the cosy get-together at our stand in the evening. On the first evening, we even had a small campfire, as we were surprised by the evening temperature, which was quite cool for the beginning of August.

We will definitely be there again next year and are happy about everyone who comes to visit us there.

8 thoughts on “Die Van Days 2021 – ein wirklich besonderes Reisemobiltreffen”

    1. Leonard Röser from Schau aufs Land

      Dear Gabi and Michael, unfortunately you probably overlooked this. We always announce such events via our Facebook channel. Next year it will take place in May. We would be happy to see you there next year. Best regards Leonard

  1. Hello, that's great and interesting. Is there a schedule for the future Vans Day events? Unfortunately, I didn't know anything about this and can't find any further information.
    By the way, your campsite offers are great. You always meet new friendly and caring people. That puts you in a positive mood and builds you up. It's like visiting friends.
    We're going to the Lungau next week, hopefully it won't rain too much.
    Greetings and all the best

    1. Leonard Röser from Schau aufs Land

      Dear Maria, thank you for your kind words. Yes, the Van Days motorhome meeting is really a great event. We always announce something like this on our Facebook page, we will definitely do it again next year. Next year it will take place in May. The following link will also take you to their website: Van Days. We would be happy to meet you there next year. First of all, have a good time in Lungau with hopefully lots of sunshine. LG Leonard

  2. Why didn't the Van Days announcement come via newsletter? I'm not on Facebook. . . Is there already a date for next year?
    Greetings, Angela Küttner

    1. Leonard Röser from Schau aufs Land

      Dear Angela, next year we will be happy to include the announcement in our newsletter. There is no concrete date yet, but it is planned to take place in May 2022. Kind regards Leonard

  3. I would have liked to be there too! Can't you put such announcements in the newsletter (for those who are not on Facebook?!)?

    Kind regards Manfred

    1. Leonard Röser from Schau aufs Land

      Dear Manfred, next year we will definitely announce the Van Days in our newsletter, we are looking forward to every visit at our stand. Kind regards Leonard

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