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Edelweiss on the Road

Regina & Thomas are on the road with their VW bus Edelweiss and live the van life. Both love the mountains and also produce ingenious media content. Regina & Thomas are currently on a trip to India with their VW T3. Shortly before they set off, they visited two of our partner companies and wrote two wonderful travel reports as well as some great photos. More about Edelweiss on the Road

Edelweiss on the Road
Edelweiss at Edelbrandhof Gut Hinterlehen

Edelweiss at the Edelbrandhof

Fritz Zehentmayr stands in the cosy parlour of his farm and holds a small glass of amber liquid up to the light: "Do you see the streaks on the glass? That's how you recognise it!" We also swirl our glasses, the oily film is clearly visible. We have recently come to know: These are essential oils, a sign of quality. "You can distinguish noble brandy from simple schnapps by these streaks!

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