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1 year of Schau aufs Land - what do our partner farms say?

1 year Schau aufs Land - what do our partner farms say? Leonard Röser 24 June 2021 It has actually been over a year since we first went online with our platform and the first members visited our partner farms! Looking back, it is unbelievable for us where we are today - one year later. An ...

1 year of Schau aufs Land - what do our partner farms say? Read article

Sustainable in Graz

Info pages for a more sustainable lifestyle

More and more people are realising how important and actually inevitable it is to live more sustainably now and in the future. As a result, more and more people are looking for ways to consume and live more sustainably. But where can I actually find fair fashion, where can I shop without packaging or have my broken things repaired? Where and when is there a zero-waste workshop or a lecture on sustainable travel?

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Discover organic meat and wine not only when travelling, but also at home

We would like to introduce Micha and Lukas and their great platform nahgenuss. They also come from Graz and want to strengthen smaller family organic farms with their platform. Because:

"The personal relationship between organic farmers and consumers gives confidence and appreciation.

But the best thing is for them to tell us themselves who they are and how they got there.


Find organic and ecological products in your area provides an overview of the Austrian organic landscape and helps to find organic farms and products as well as events in the surrounding area. This is achieved with a categorised organic industry directory - from organic farm shops to organic fashion shops - coupled with a radius search. In order to be listed in the directory or at the events, the organic entrepreneurs can make an entry free of charge, which will then be checked and published.

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