Schau aufs Land " Crowdfunding Electric Camper VW T3
Electric camper E-Luise

Crowdfunding Electric Camper VW T3

Crowdfunding Electric Camper VW T3

Leonard Röser

14 June 2022

Turn old into new & climate-friendly!

An upcycled electric camper for hire:

Join us in converting the old & battered VW T3 Luise to the new & climate-friendly electric camper E-Luise to retrofit. In Austria, transport alone is responsible for about 50 % of CO₂ emissions. With the Project E-Luise we therefore want to show a way to travel by camper van that is as CO₂-neutral as possible.

Support our project on Startnext & get some cool goodies, a Lifetime Membership at Schau aufs Land or rent the charming E-Luise right away for your next holiday.

At the end of the campaign, we will raffle off a weekend trip with the E-Luise among all supporters with a donation of €15 or more.

Buy Lifetime Membership for €300:

Discount on membership

Support the crowdfunding campaign with € 300 & get your Lifetime Membership for the packages Austria & Slovenia.

Delivery will take place approximately two weeks after the end of the crowdfunding campaign.

Concerns or critical questions?

You still have reservations about electromobility, don't know where the electricity is going to come from or are against it because of the mining of raw materials? Leonard addresses all these issues in our Electric camper FAQ on.


Why all this?

Travelling with a camper is pure freedom for us. We love being out in nature. But our motto is also: "Freedom with responsibility". Therefore, we want to work with the Project E-Luise show one way in which, in the future, we can more climate-friendly can be on the road.

Because the fact is, every form of mobility inevitably causes Climate stresses. However, the extent of this burden is changeable.

By using existing resources & upcycling we want to enable climate-friendly travel and show a sustainable approach for future camping travel.

"And with your help we can create a change!"

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