Schau aufs Land " 1 year of Schau aufs Land - what do our partner farms say?

1 year of Schau aufs Land - what do our partner farms say?

1 year of Schau aufs Land - what do our partner farms say?

Leonard Röser

24 June 2021

It has actually been over a year since we first went online with our platform and the first members visited our partner businesses! Looking back, it is unbelievable for us where we are today - one year later. At this point, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to our now over 340 partner businesses for your trust! Without you, Schau aufs Land would not be where it is today. Since the experiences made so far and the opinions of the individual farmers are of course very important to us, we have now asked in detail how they have fared so far as partner farms of Schau aufs Land.

What were your motives for signing up for Schau aufs Land?


  • "We hardly get into the world from the farm, if at all. So we bring the world to the farm. In this way we have conversations, exchange thoughts with fellow human beings whom we would otherwise never meet! This exchange is so good because we feel that the visitors - Schau aufs Land guests - are really interested in agriculture!!! And their interest, their joy, brings motivation and happiness for the daily work."

- Reinhard, Organic Farm Greiml

  • "What better way to bring life to a farm than to welcome new campers again and again and perhaps make friends? In addition, our focus is on enjoyment and nature. That is a great combination with this camping concept.

- Michaela and Werner, Alpacas under the lime tree

  • "To introduce people to my small farm in an uncomplicated way. The uncomplicated possibility of showing that farming can also be sustainable and alternative. To "lure" travellers to an area that has a lot to offer, but which receives less attention in the face of travel hotspots."

- The weather house

What was your experience with the travellers so far?


  • "Only good...Lovely people with openness & respect & gratitude. Such guests one wishes for ;-)"

- Markus, Aromareich

  • "Very good. We have already had many great people here, made new friends and acquaintances. It's always a great atmosphere when we have one or more campers on our farm. The people are all very warm, open-minded. We are always happy to please the travellers with a pitch with us."

- Meissnitzerhof

  • "Excellent. Lots of nice people who appreciate exactly what we offer!"

- St. Nicholas Organic Farm

  • "Our visitors were all very nice, interested and also made purchases right away in the farm shop. One couple even helped us with the potato harvest!"

- Gabriele and Reinhard Mendlig

  • "Again and again, images come to my mind of visitors who are interested in visiting the farm with me, who let me explain to them the development of the egg, from the chicken to the trade, who enthusiastically fetch vegetables from the garden for dinner, and who have nice conversations [...] And when, months later, they ask for a sheepskin from a lamb because their child has "fallen in love" with it, then we believe it is sustainable. Therefore, we say THANK YOU and look forward to the coming year!"

- Reinhard, Organic Farm Greiml

  • "Very good, totally nice guests, interested in the farm and the processes of production."

- Magdalena & Thomas, Organic Herb Shop Mathiasnhof

Our concept is based on appreciation, do you feel that this works well?


  • "Yes! Travellers are very interested in farming and often they chat for a few hours and like to show off their farms too."

- Barbara, Biograbnerhof

  • "I haven't felt such satisfaction from people in a long time. People's appreciation is certainly there."

- Manfred & Martina, WOLF Inn

  • "The appreciation is there in any case. Travellers are happy to buy the farm products on offer and always show their appreciation very generously with additional 'donations'."

- Meissnitzerhof

  • "The homemade products are very well received and appreciated!"

- Florian & Daniela, Loiblhof

  • "Very good. People are very grateful for our hospitality and often cooperative when the farm is busy. They also show their appreciation by buying our products. We have only had good experiences so far."

- Lampl family, Kräuterhof Lampl

Do you have the feeling that the travellers are interested in sustainable agriculture? Or that you can pass something on to the travellers?


  • "Yes, we notice that again and again. So far, everyone who has been here has been very eager to learn about sustainable agriculture. It is very important to live with nature and to show that to the guests.

- Karl, Arztenbauerhof

  • "Yes, I even held a bread baking class verbally!"

- Barbara, Biograbnerhof

  • "Yes, it does! It's causing a change in many people's thinking."

- Lampl family, Kräuterhof Lampl

  • "Our guests are very interested in the history of the farm and of course in the future vision of our estate. The alpacas also always arouse the interest of the travellers. Especially with animal husbandry, we convey our sustainable concept, which is well received."

- Michaela and Werner, Alpacas under the lime tree

How much extra work does it take for you to receive travellers?


  • "In principle, there is no real additional effort. Since we are always very happy to have new people on our farm, we would see it more as an enrichment to welcome travellers."

- Meissnitzerhof

  • "Actually no one. We are a big family and someone is always there. We find it totally beautiful and enjoy doing it!"

- Anonymous

  • It is of course "more" - but as hosts we are happy to do it. Since we also offer guest rooms it is even "easier" with the campers 😉

- Markus, Aromareich


We were very happy about all the wonderful feedback and are thrilled about how quickly everything - literally - got rolling. It is so nice to see that the personal exchange between farmers and travellers that we hoped for with the concept is taking place and that there is mutual appreciation! This motivates us to continue and to make a small contribution to creating more awareness for the relevance of sustainable agriculture! We are already very excited about what next year will bring.

2 thoughts on “1 Jahr Schau aufs Land – was sagen unsere Partnerbetriebe?”

  1. Herbert Schinnerl

    We have already visited several establishments and were always warmly welcomed! It is always an enrichment for us on our tours!
    It would be very helpful if there were, for example, an overview map and a listing of the participating businesses in paper format! Then the whole concept would perhaps be even more successful! We already know this from France with France Passion! Thanks to all participating businesses!

    1. Christian Gruber-Steffner from Schau aufs Land
      Christian Gruber-Steffner

      Hello, thank you very much for this feedback, we are happy to hear it! Since we are constantly adding new businesses and they can also change their data at any time, an overview map in paper form would unfortunately never be up to date and the data could then also be incorrect. In addition, we will be releasing the next app update in mid-July with a traffic light availability system, which can only function well in a closed, purely digital system.

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